Foodland Pearl City closes

By: Chaz Mihara

26 September 2019

Foodland Pearl Cirty ClosesBy Chaz Mihara

The Pearl City Foodland closed its doors on October 6th. The new location, which will be modified to a Foodland Farms, is located at Robertson Properties Group’s Gateway Center. This Foodland Farms will be taking the space of Babies “R” Us on Koala Street. 


“What’s new that will a first for Foodland at Pearl City is an Okazuya station selling shrimp tempura. And a lot of different Okazuya type offerings,” said Sheryl Toda, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Foodland.

Foodland Farms will open Oct. 30 in Pearl City. The current employees will be moving to a new location. The business is currently going through the hiring process. 

The Pearl City Foodland has been in its original spot since Nov. 13, 1958 and served the community for over sixty years.

“I think it was very convenient where it is right now. Moving over to Babies “R” Us that’s a little bit more inconvenient it’s further away for me. More stop lights and I’m not sure how big the place is going to be. I won’t be able to find anything,” said Nora Taketa, a Foodland shopper who was a regular at this location for over twenty years.